Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello followers!

You may have already seen the info on Facebook or Twitter, but we opened for business yesterday.  It was what we like to call a "soft opening".  Basically, we needed to learn how to operate the "new" computer system, which was actually our "old" computer system in the sense that it is the system we used when we were Rainbow Records 16 YEARS ago, now updated (of course).  There were certain things we wanted to make sure we could do before we started helping you.  Now that those things have generally been taken care of, our first couple days were very positive.

Day 1 was extraordinarily busy, as word got around through some close contacts and former CCBMC employees, while Day 2 was less busy, but gave us a chance to catch up on some mounting paperwork, reflect with some customers on what has transpired, and prepare for Record Store Day 2013.  If you are unaware, Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 21.  We will open at 9am.  Record Store Day falls on the third Saturday of each April, and is a day to celebrate independent record stores by letting them sell exclusive recordings (mostly on vinyl) that cannot be found at mass merchants or online retailers (there is a secondary one now on Black Friday in November).  We spent much of today receiving fantastic RSD products, as well as some great new LPs you may want to add to your collection.  Call us at our new phone number, 610-692-3600 if you have a specific inquiry (the list can be found here):

As for Electric Avenue, we are so pleased with an article that ran in the West Chester Daily Local yesterday on the cover of the business section.  You can access that information here:

We will continue discussing music and what's going on in the music world here, and we hope you join in with your thoughts.  Right now, we are so blessed and grateful that we have special people in our lives who have helped us achieve the beginning of a dream through their investments and hard work.  It's time Chester County had another music store that people will cherish and appreciate, and we're honored to be a part of that landscape.


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